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Item Description Subject
0001 FEA Theory and Simulation CAD/CAE/FEA
0002 Introduction to Basics FEA CAD/CAE/FEA
0003 Calculus Calculator Online Calculus
0004 Calculus Formulas Calculus
0005 Calculus Page Problem List Calculus
0006 Differential Equations Calculus
0007 Kiryl Tsishchanka Calculus Website Calculus
0008 MIT Calculus
0009 MIT Open Course - Related Rates Calculus
0010 Paul's Online Math Notes Calculus
0011 Control System Lectures - Closed Loop Control Control Theory
0012 Fundementals of Control Theory Control Theory
0013 Fundementals of Kinematics and Dynamics of Machines Dyn. of Machinery
0014 Mechanism and Dynamics of Machinery Dyn. of Machinery
0015 Mechanism and Dynamics of Machinery Dyn. of Machinery
0016 Basic Electricity Electricity
0017 Currents Electricity
0018 Fundementals of Electricity Electricity
0019 Fundementals Handbook Electricity
0020 Inductors Electricity
0021 Calculator Soup - Tank Volume & Fill Calculator Fluid Dyn.
0022 FHWA Open-Channel Flow Design Charts Fluid Dyn.
0023 Flowrate Calculation from Velocity Fluid Dyn.
0024 Fluid Dynamics - Viscosity [Dynamic vs Kinematic] Fluid Dyn.
0025 Fluid Flow Theory Fluid Dyn.
0026 Fluid Flow Theory [NZIFST] Fluid Dyn.
0027 Liquid Flow when Draining Containers or Tanks Fluid Dyn.
0028 Open Channel Calculation Fluid Dyn.
0029 Open Channel Flow Measurement - Weirs & Flumes Fluid Dyn.
0030 Open Channel Flows - Uniform Flows, Chezy and Manning Fluid Dyn.
0031 Pipe FLow Calculation Fluid Dyn.
0032 Head Loss in Pipes Calculations - Pumps and Systems Fluid Dyn.
0033 Rectangular Open Channel Design Calculation Fluid Dyn.
0034 Slurry Density Fluid Dyn.
0035 Slurry Transport Fluid Dyn.
0036 Time to Empty or Drain a Tank Fluid Dyn.
0037 UoI - Flow in Pipes Fluid Dyn.
0038 Water Flow Rate Through Piping Fluid Dyn.
0039 Water Flow Rate Through Piping Fluid Dyn.
0040 Geometric Formulas Equations Calculator Mathematics
0041 Line Equations Formulas Calculator Mathematics
0042 Quadratic Formula Equation Calculator Mathematics
0043 HyperPhysics - Mechanics Mechanics
0044 Trajectories - liquid stream Mechanics
0045 Physics Frequently Used Equations Physics